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Do you have a burning question? Whether you need resolution on a relationship, a potential relationship, your career, or self-development, I can answer your questions.

Why choose an email reading?

Email readings are hugely popular, and clients love them for different reasons. Some can’t find the time (in my time zone) for face-to-face or Skype sessions. They are also great for covering sensitive questions that they prefer not to ask face-to-face, and they are more affordable. Also, I’m quick to respond (you’ll get your answer within 8 days).

Are email readings as good as face-to-face? Yes, email readings carry energy! Energy is energy, and what a person feels when they type their question comes through loud and clear.

Readings are meant to clarify, not confuse.

I receive messages predominantly audibly and sometimes visually. I almost always FEEL. After I have written down phrases, sentences, and any messages I get, I pick up my tarot deck. The tarot deck gives me a more in-depth insight into the questions asked.

So, if you have ever wondered if a reading is for you and have no experience with the process, an email reading may be the one to start with.

How do your email readings work?

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When you check out, please add your questions in the “additional information” box. Once this information has been provided and payment has been made, you can expect your reading in your inbox within 8 days.

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